Business Intelligence for Everyone

In the last decade, companies have systematically invested in the consolidation and organization of their operations, primarily through ERP systems, CRM etc. Nowadays, their priority focuses on the improvement ofthe performance of processes through the use of data that accumulate daily. 

In most cases the data are "trapped" in various systems, hide dozens of secrets and in every report they appear statically without helping to make crucial business decisions.

Business Analysis program suite of QlikView allows companies to count and monitor the performance of their processes through an advanced and at the same time simple Click & View User Interface. 

…It means thatQlikView applications require 1/4 of the time required by any other approach in order to be ready. In a few days, from the stage of the creation of the scriptincludingthe uploading of data and the creation of reports until the installation on each workstation in the business.

…It means that the total cost to the company comes up to1/2 of the cost compared to any other approach. The initial investment may be minimaland the company gradually develops applications forits entire organization.

It means that the value added to the business from the use of QlikView applications is double of any other approach. In a few days, information is available in order to make crucial business decisions daily.  

QlikView simplifies each analysis in every organization, allowing the data management by any type and size of database. It is suitable for every company, organization, and level of users with a view to reliable information when and where it is needed.

Single architecture for analysis, applications and reporting 

QlikView provides a single architecture for all the needs of data analysis. By selecting specific user rights, some users are able to have the analysis as they want it, the moment they want it, while the remote users can have reports, the administration can monitor the critical indicators and the executives can use ready applications of Business Intelligence & Analysis.

No restriction on the data for analysis

QlikView manages data from any data source, from databases or files in ASCII, Excel, and XMLformat. QlikView does not require the business to adapt, but on the contrary it instantly adapts to the environment of each organization. Through a wizard driven ETL script, data are uploaded, simplified and stored. Irrespective of whether the data are found in databases or operating systems or not, they are always available for QlikView applications.

Fast Development- Return on investment

Thousands of clients developQlikView applications within a matter of days, while standard applications can be ready in a few hours. The support of an unlimited number of dimensions, the improvements and additions to existing applications are a simple daily task. The result is the rapid and substantial return on investment.

Business Intelligence for EveryoneBusiness Intelligence for EveryoneBusiness Intelligence for Everyone

Easy connection of users 

Business Intelligence means the information at all levels of users within the company. QlikView Server allows users to have access to business analysis applications in any environment theyare working, either through internal network or intranet or the web. The users are connected via applications to QlikView Server by using any level ofQlikView users with installation types such as zero-footprint DHTML client, ActiveX plug-in client, Windows client, or Java client.

Fast, progressive and periodic renewal of data

QlikView Server gets information from many data sources simultaneously, rapidly and simply. The gradual and periodic extraction ofdata based on QlikView Data files (QVD). The extraction of data from QVD files is 10 to 100 times faster than that from any other form of database.  By storing large volumes of historical data or data that cannot be converted intoQVD format, applications can be updated on the current data in the shortest possible time. Through this architecture, QlikView Server minimizes the data mining process and the need to create intermediate databases (data warehouses).

Security and access rights

Through a system of setting of access rights, QlikView Server ensures information security. The centralized management of access rights of users, allows the system administrator to preserve and change access rights, while QlikView Server remains in close contact with Microsoft Active Directory by making full use of the security and access levels that have beencentrally positioned in the organization.  QlikView Server ensures that the correct analysis will be always available to the correct user.

Synchronization of analysis 

QlikView Server ensures that all users have access to the latest data and analysis, regardless of where they are. Irrespective of the choice of the client - zero-footprint DHTML client, ActiveX plug-in client, Windows client or Java –it always provides access to the latest update of each QlikViewapplication. 

Control of safety information

QlikView Publisher ensures that users will only have access to data related to them. The system administrator sets the criteria according to which QlikView Publisher will maintain inany application the data related to each user and then the application will be ready for processing by the user.

Single point of reference and access  

The users have access to QlikViewapplications through the QlikView Access Point web portal. Through this portal, applications are available either for online analysis through QlikView Analyzer or offline analysis.QlikView Access Point supports the presentation and organization of QlikViewapplications according to the criteria set by the system administrator, allowing companies to create a safe location in their network, where users will have access to business analysis applications, specially tailored to each one of them.