Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Services

We redefine goals and implementation methods.   

The economic crisis has created serious problems for a large number of companies. Businesses have more than ever the need to be restructured in their effort to become sustainable and stay competitive. At the same time, most of the businesses are facing the daily challenges of the external environment in which they operate and feel the need for restructuring, as a prerequisite for increased profitability and business growth.

In this context, Revival, considering the strategic priorities of the business, proceeds to:

  • the creation of structures for the right decision-making, regarding the formulation of the new business strategy
  • the analysis, regarding the internal organization and processes of the business
  • adapting the business to the new reality
  • ensuring its survival and path towards success

Restructuring your business on a regular basis, is vital to its growth. It forms part of your strategic planning and, following the necessary and right steps, you lead your business to its transformation. Revival has the expertise and experience to help you redefine your business goals, increase your competitiveness and innovate to stand out in the modern ever-changing environment.

Reengineering is not about single improvements in the way your business operates but concerns radical changes in all areas. It redefines your business goals, how it operates, the role of each employee, your business policy and your digital skills. Revival’s specialized advisors have the required expertise and experience to help you face the challenges effectively and achieve significant improvements in cost, quality, speed and service.

Restructuring your business goes through the following four steps:

  • Current status assessment
  • Setting restructuring goals & formulation of the relevant plan (extensive Business Plan)
  • Restructuring plan implementation
  • Assessment of measurable results

The services that we offer are the following:

  • Business Process Reengineering
    • Graphical depiction of operating processes
    • Process simplification & Redesign / Modelling of Processes
    • Reduction of operating expenses
  • Reengineering of Warehousing & Distribution Network
    • Supply Chain Optimization
    • Production Planning & Control
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies – Strategy & Development Studies
    • Commercial / pricing policy
    • Goal setting, measurement & performance improvement systems
  • Organization Chart Design - HR Management
    • Development of Human Resource Management Systems
    • Structure & Organizational Needs Assessment
    • Creation of job profiles & descriptions

History has taught us that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most adaptable to change. Similarly, in the business world, flexibility and adaptability, instinct for the upcoming developments and the ability to make fast decisions, are a guarantee for business success and its ability to remain as unaffected as possible from external risks and challenges.

The benefits of the integrated business reengineering services of Revival include:

  • Focus on the basic functions, tasks and duties regarding the job positions
  • High level of expertise from our advisors, each one specializing in a specific industry
  • Save time and financial resources
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Compliance with specific standards
  • Flexibility of fast adaptation to the new conditions of the external environment

At Revival, we have the know-how and the best tools to proceed with either the full or the partial restructuring of your business. Our services are addressed not only to businesses that face survival problems, but also to those that wish to prevent unpleasant situations and be properly prepared in these prevailing times of uncertainty. Reengineering services, although they take place at three different levels, they are interlinked. These are the following:

  • Corporate or Strategic
  • Business or Divisional
  • Product / Service or Functional

Our in-depth knowledge combined with the expertise and skills of our executives, guarantee the increase of your productivity, the proper management of costs and resources, and the improvement of the overall performance of your business.

In most cases, we eliminate the traditional forms of business organization, which are structured vertically, and introduce the horizontal, flexible, and simpler structures, which are immediately adaptable to the modern and newly formed conditions. The goal of the above procedures is the faster, complete, and higher quality service of the business’s clients as well as the employee participation in decision-making, characterized by their freedom to take initiative.

At Revival, we believe that the internal processes of each business must be assessed on a regular basis, to ensure the achievement of the set goals that leads to a comparative advantage.

We empower public and private sector organizations through cutting-edge advisory services.