Commerce is a lever of economic growth and raises the living standards of the country

Retailers are being tested daily as consumer demands are constantly increasing, and new technologies are changing the way people live and buy.

Revival’s services aim at assisting retailers explore, locate, and implement cost-effective solutions, in whatever sector they operate, from electrical chains, car dealerships, and clothing stores, to hotels and restaurants.

With in-depth knowledge and expertise, specialized staff, technological tools available and in-depth analysis, we offer the opportunity to the enterprises of the sector to develop new business models and proceed with a range of actions, such as better warehouse organization, logistics redesign or supply chain optimization.

We utilize the leading technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence and provide you with important data based on consumer behavior. We evaluate customers’ purchase data, we predict their future buying attitudes, and inform them about products and services that may be of interest to them. These predictions, also, address the specific needs of consumers which tend to change according to each individual user.

Now, you may predict the purchasing intentions of your customers on an individual basis, inform them with targeted messages and increase the revenue of your business, making the difference in your field!

Parallel to the accounting and tax services that we offer, we minimize the risk, foster competitiveness, and add value to businesses. Placing the consumer right at the centre of our business operations, alongside with the security of digital transactions and the restructuring of the supply chain, we work closely with our clients to evaluate the data and propose flexible actions that meet the needs of the market today as well as the emerging ones in the future.