Marketing Services

Revival designs the marketing strategy, guiding businesses with expertise and safety.    

The ever-changing external environment in which businesses operate combined with the rapid technological developments, have made the role of marketing more important than ever. Marketing is one of the most important tools of a business since it starts with the identification of market needs and then, it conducts research about the breadth, the depth, and the extent to which they are satisfied. Following the research, a new marketing mix is created, so that new solutions be delivered that serve or even exceed the existing needs of the business and consumer markets.

Revival, with the long-term experience in offering marketing advisory services, contributes to both, the formulation and implementation of marketing strategy, safely guiding businesses in the successful creation of innovative solutions combined with the respective communication policy.

Revival undertakes the entire process of planning, execution, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services in an effort to create a valuable exchange and meet individual and collective goals.

With marketing advisory services, our goal is for businesses that have not yet developed a specialized marketing department, to offer them the alternative of our experienced staff and research tools.

The services that we offer are the following:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
    • Μarketing Plan Formulation
    • Product Portfolio Mix
    • Pricing Policy
    • Product Distribution Channel Strategy
    • Formulation of a communication plan, selected strategies and use of Media
    • Market Research Design & Implementation / Industrial Buyers / Competition
  • Marketing Advisory Services
  • Brand Valuation

Our consulting approach is characterized by the following steps:

  • Marketing Audit of the situation to be addressed, examining in-depth the nature of the products / services as well as the sector in which the business operates
  • Strategic planning formulation
  • Creation of a framework of tactics

The comparative advantage of Revival lies in the expertise and experience of our people in the field of marketing. More specifically, we offer you a tailor-made advisory experience regarding marketing strategy, tactics and techniques that ensure performance and guaranteed results, constantly increasing your business value.

Our creative department offers you proven and sound solutions, which are perfectly in line with the goals and strategy of your business, with the ultimate goal of leading you to occupy a strong position in the market. We research the market in-depth, making the most of the available primary and secondary research tools, we perform a case study analysis of your business, the products / services offered, and we make suggestions about sound and effective communication strategies.

The benefits of the Marketing services of Revival include:

  • Deep cross-industry knowledge
  • Expertise, insight and innovation
  • Extended experience
  • Access to the best technology
  • Speed in the preparation and implementation of actions
  • Productivity increase
  • Reduction of operating expenses

We devote all our actions to the development of your business, ensuring immediate results, while strengthening your corporate identity to the business community in general.

Revival, immediately, fulfills its promises and is committed to the sustainable development of your business.  

We empower public and private sector organizations through cutting-edge advisory services.