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NSRF 2014-2020

The NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) 2014-2020 is the main strategic plan for the development of the country with the assistance of significant resources coming from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) of the European Union. Through the implementation of the NSRF, the aim is to address the structural weaknesses that contributed to the emergence of the financial and economic crisis, but also the financial and social problems that the crisis created. Also, the NSRF 2014-2020 is called to assist in achieving the national goals towards the “Europe 2020” Strategy. The aim of the “Europe 2020” Strategy is to promote:

  • a smart development, with more effective investments in education, research, and innovation
  • a sustainable development, due to the decisive transition to a low carbon emission economy
  • an inclusive development, with particular emphasis on job creation and poverty reduction

NSRF 2021-2027

In the context of development planning for the Greek economy, the goal in the coming years will be the systematic productivity increase and openness, as well as the closer connection between production, research and innovation. In particular, the economic and political priorities of the country are the following:

  • increase in investments and exports as a percentage of GDP
  • strengthening paid employment and reducing the black economy
  • investing in education and knowledge
  • increasing the size of Greek companies
  • promotion of cutting-edge technology, innovation and digitization
  • achieving ambitious environmental goals
  • supporting the poor and vulnerable households
  • strengthening basic research by removing barriers to universities
  • incentives to boost innovation
  • full upgrade of the training system for the unemployed and the employed ones
  • continuation of the digital reforms in Public Administration
  • modernization of education at all levels
  • restructuring of the healthcare system with priority in digitization
  • energy upgrading of buildings
  • shift to renewable energy sources by reducing transition costs and support local communities during delignification

The new Development Plan is a key reference text for the strategic choices of NSRF and, consequently, of its Programs.

At Revival, we closely monitor all the developments of the NSRF and proceed to informing businesses about the optimal utilization of the relevant actions.

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