Payroll Services

We manage the payroll processes of businesses with state-of-the-art software technology and always pay on time.

From the distant past, the management of payroll has been one of the most complex functions of businesses, and its combination with the anachronistic legal framework, has created significant problems in running smoothly. The use of the electronic information system ERGANI has significantly contributed to the elimination of the physical presence in the competent public bodies, at the same time, eliminating the deadlines regarding the submission of the necessary documents (recruitment notice, termination of employment, etc.). As the response time to such issues has significantly been reduced, the use of payroll automation has become necessary, even for small businesses.

Payroll is one of the most important costs of an organization, while at the same time, it requires special handling. Revival is revolutionizing the market with Payroll outsourcing, through which the potential risks that may arise - and quite often affect the reputation of a business - are minimized.

Your company needs to invest time to develop the skills of its people in key areas. Payroll management is a time consuming and highly demanding activity that consumes a lot of human resource energy. Thus, outsourcing this activity offers you the opportunity to reap significant benefits, allowing your HR to focus on the core business activities.

Revival helps you maintain your credibility, allocate your time more efficiently, and save money you would otherwise spend on equipment, software licenses, and updates. With payroll services, you reduce the operating costs, and make the best possible use of financial resources to grow your business. You avoid mistakes or omissions that may lead to additional costs and minimize the risk of non-payment on the day due because of unforeseen circumstances.

Revival’s experienced executives in labor, tax, and insurance issues, guarantee the excellent management of your company’s payroll, providing, immediately, information on any amendments in legislation on contracts or insurance issues. Payroll management takes place for any form of business, it is tailor-made to its specific needs and fully complies with the insurance and labor legal framework.

The services that we offer include the following:

  • Payroll Issuance & Management (regular & extraordinary)
  • Management of labor issues
  • Management of recruitment, terminations of employment, etc.
  • Management of annual leave, illness, overtime, and employee additional pay
  • Preparation of Paysheets
  • Management of payroll receipts, certificates, leave register
  • Employee table list filing
  • Preparation of taxes paid and insurance contributions reports
  • Issuance of Reports (detailed reports, etc.) based on the needs of the business

The benefits of the integrated payroll services of Revival include:

  • High-quality services
  • Accuracy & Reliability
  • Flexibility & Continuous Updates
  • Confidentiality Assurance
  • Timely information on changes in collective agreements, taxation, and insurance funds
  • Improving the efficiency of the business’s HR, working in the Accounting Department
  • Save time and reduce management costs in the HR and Payroll Departments of the business
  • Increase the business’s level of organizational efficiency overall

The payroll services that we offer have been designed in such a way to meet the requirements of tax and labor law. Revival’s reliable payroll system offers an integrated approach and real-time valuable information about the company’s staff.

We stand out for the proper management and our tailor-made handling of the businesses that entrust us the crucial management of their payroll. We ensure the success of this activity through the long-term experience of our executives and the structure of the payroll department.

The issuance of your business payroll becomes an easy task and is far away from time consuming and demanding procedures. Following a Payroll Due Diligence, we inform you with a detailed report about the proposed changes in order to obtain an organized payroll system. The payroll software that we offer is top-notch and among the most reliable ones in the Greek and international markets, embedded with modern technological innovations that respond immediately to the demands created by the changes in legislation.

Revival’s payroll issuance staff is specialized in managing demanding clients and the department follows the ISO organizational standards. Our well-trained executives with the long-term experience and rich knowledge of the relevant legislation, make in real- time, any change deemed necessary for your business.

Revival takes real care of and is vigilant about the human factor of your business!

We empower public and private sector organizations through cutting-edge advisory services.