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Revival, which has many years of experience in design and development of IT systems includingMIS(Management Information Systems) deriving from multiple sources of information with a view to infinite information that all decision-making levels are expected to have, designed and implemented cutting-edge products that satisfy the requirements of the most demanding manager.


Information is an important resource for every organization. The management information systems provide their users with that information deemed necessary by them to carry out their own work. For this reason users, collectively, should be concerned about the way of approach and planning of such information systems.

  • The changing economic environment and the ongoing need for quick adaptation of an organization to it, make the availability of up-to-date and high quality information for the effective management and operation.
  • Information concerning the whole range of activities of an organization helps to develop improved strategies, makeevidence-based decisionsand carry out its functions more efficiently.


  • The support of electronic data processing functions, namely the execution of transactions and the maintenance of records.
  • The easy access to valid and structured information at all levels of the administrative hierarchy.
  • Provision of security to MIS and the possibility of accessibility only by duly authorized staff.
  • Usage of an integrated database to support different business functions.
  • The ability to adapt to changing information needs of managers.
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QlikView is an easy-to-use business intelligence application development tool, ready to answer all questions about your business and lead you speedily and safelyto the best business decisions.

The patented in-memory technology of QlikView combines fast data from any source. Do you use SAP, Salesforce or other business applications? Do you get information into Excel, XML or CSV format? Do you save data in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL? Do you use data warehouse? No problem. QlikView covers your needs.


The data, managed by the development tool, can be based on different and unrelated to each other information systems of the company and serve procedures of departments and directorates.